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Review Dark Knight Rises

Review Dark Knight Rises Top-Themen

REVIEW: "The Dark Knight Rises" (Ultra HD Blu-ray). Original: The Dark Knight Rises. Anbieter: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Laufzeit: ca. Großes Spektakel mit Herz, Hirn und Daueraction: Ein würdiger Abschluss für die beste Superhelden-Trilogie aller Zeiten. Wenige Filme haben bereits vor ihrem Erscheinen derartige Diskussionen ausgelöst wie „The Dark Knight Rises“. Kann Regisseur Christopher. The Dark Knight Rises: Lest hier das 4K UHD Blu-ray Review zum Finale der Batman Trilogie von Christopher Nolan. Rezension kommt mit. Zusätzlicher Hinweis: Bei dem in diesem Review vorgestellten Titel handelt es sich um die 4K Ultra HD-Fassung von 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Review Dark Knight Rises

Nach dem Tod des Staatsanwalts Harvey Dent, alias Two-Face, nahm Batman die Schuld von dessen Verbrechen auf sich, um Dents Ruf zu. Zusätzlicher Hinweis: Bei dem in diesem Review vorgestellten Titel handelt es sich um die 4K Ultra HD-Fassung von 'The Dark Knight Rises'. Der dritte und letzte Teil von Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Saga knüpft eher am ersten Teil an und zeigt, was Bruce Wayne wirklich ist: Ein. Benachrichtige mich über nachfolgende Kommentare per E-Mail. Dezember Wir hoffen es war hilfreich bei deiner Kauf-Entscheidung. Der Zeitpunkt könnte nicht schlechter sein, als die Menschheit ihn Slots Machine Gratis eigentlich strahlenden Ritter braucht. Ja, es gibt sie durchaus. Man sieht sich immer zweimal im Leben. Name required. In einzelnen Szenen wurde der Schwarzwert aber auch erhöht. Eine Stadt, die in ihrer Korruption und Casino Bad Oyenhausen erstickt und deren einstiger Beschützer nichts anderes tut als sich selbst zu bemitleiden — da kann man schon mal nachvollziehen, wenn das jemand zerstören möchte. Die deutsche Version mit den Synchro-typisch etwas lauteren Stimmen bietet hingegen eine voluminösere Dialogwiedergabe und somit weniger Verständnisprobleme. Die Sirenen der Polizei-Fahrzeuge klingen authentisch und raumfüllend, während sie im Deutschen eher das Free Online Slots Games With Bonus eines Modell-Fahrzeugs vermitteln. Das zweite und viel Game Of Bones Free Manko des Films ist hingegen sein Ende. Lediglich ein grandioses Scheitern hätte nun vermutlich zu einem Absturz des einstigen Regie-Wunderkindes geführt. There are many references to the earlier Comdirect Aktien Kaufen. Film Review Christopher Nolan rounds out the definitive Batman series with an ambitious, flawed and suitably epic conclusion. Ask anyone who knows me well; I'm a very stoic guy, but this almost had me in tears. Only now, Nolan wasn't even trying to surpass it. We want X Men Spiele hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. A hulking brute of a man, he looks like a cross between of a wrestler and equivalent of a human pit bulldog. Is this not Pokerstars Bonuscodes Photograph: Ron Phillips.

Review Dark Knight Rises The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

The Dark Knight Rises ist ein guter Film. Eine Zeit lang funktioniert diese Lüge ohne Wenn und Aber. Auch Vorbilder können nicht immer nur glänzen, auch Stärke und Macht haben einen ambivalenten Charakter. Es gibt 0 Bester Online Poker zum Artikel Login Registrieren. Bane ' Umsetzung der Nahkampf-Sequenz, ca. Wenn die zwei sich mit schwerfälligen Hieben beharken, mag das vielleicht rüberbringen, dass sich hier mit Bane ein echter Fleischkoloss als Gegner stellt, doch das ändert auch nichts daran, dass die Szene bis auf das zugegeben ziemlich schockierende Finale arg schleppend Slots Pilsner. Review von Thomas Raemy Aufgeschaltet am: Der Effekt ist auch bei 'The Dark Knight Rises' sehr gut, grösstenteils harmonisch und kann, je nach Aufnahme, sehr imposant wirken. Man fragt. ist eine Seite rund um das Thema Film. Bei uns gibt es Reviews zu den neusten Kino- und Home. Nach dem Tod des Staatsanwalts Harvey Dent, alias Two-Face, nahm Batman die Schuld von dessen Verbrechen auf sich, um Dents Ruf zu. In unserem Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Test gehen wir dieser Frage nach. Es sind acht Jahre vergangen, seit der Staatsanwalt Harvey Dent. Der dritte und letzte Teil von Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Saga knüpft eher am ersten Teil an und zeigt, was Bruce Wayne wirklich ist: Ein.

One thing i was nervous about was that the ending would be a typical superhero movie ending: happy because the main bad guy dies or gets arrested or whatever.

This wasn't that. Ask anyone who knows me well; I'm a very stoic guy, but this almost had me in tears.

Of course, it could have been the fact that this part came around at 3 AM and my mind wasn't working right.

Basically, an awesome film. My sole complaint was another spoiler here Bane's death. I'll give it this: it was realistic.

I expected his death to be a long, drawn out sentimental thing, but in reality, his head got blown off in a flash. At first, I thought it was stupid, but it's sorta more realistic.

Considering it's a superhero movie, anyway. If you're worried that this will ruin the series for you, don't be. I loved this movie. I don't know if it's as good as the Dark Knight, but if not, it's very, very close.

Watch it. Do yourself a favor. CaptKeshav 2 June The Dark Knight Rises was a perfect sequel to a masterpiece.

This movie is filled with lots of emotions. It has such great characters and of course the dialogs is so good. The performances are incredible.

It was my most anticipated movie of the century. The more I watch it, The more epic it gets. Personally, I think The Dark Knight Trilogy is the greatest Trilogy of all time and this movie gives the greatest ending of all time in the movie history.

I remember seeing it thrice and the more I watched It the more respect it earns. The Dark Knight Rises was an outstanding end to what has been the best trilogy I have ever seen.

The film to me sums up what the batman stands for, the belief that someone can turn their leaf and become better, the belief that the fear that posses a person can be be destroyed or even help that person rise.

Anne Hathaway as catwomen was a perfect cast as she brings the zing to the film, she's elegant and yet sexy at the same time, which was perfect casting.

The Dark Knight Rises give audiences nearly three hours of pure excitement, for me i wanted it to continue for another three hours, the film was so good i had to watch the next day because it had every element of what makes a good batman film, such as the villain bane because he was the physical match for batman not like the other phenomenal batman films which was more psychotic villains.

Not being a huge fan of superhero movies, I didn't have much expectations for Batman Begins. However viewing the Christopher Nolan production, I was pleasantly shocked.

Then after my huge expectations for, "The Dark Knight", Christopher Nolan blew my expectations to the dust. Will the same happen with the 3rd and last film, "The Dark Knight Rises"?

Quite simply, Yes! My big expectations were once again, blown away. What a production! This is a true cinematic experience, to behold.

The movie exceeded my expectations in terms of action, and entertainment. The editing, sound, score, visuals, direction and action are all top notch.

The film contains a fine cast of talented actors. Christian Bale, of course still makes is a great Batman.

Michael Cain is fantastic, as he always is. He gives such a powerful performance, he really ought to be considered for an Oscar nomination. Tom Hardy as Bane is utterly terrifying, at times, and completely ominous.

She is completely engrossing. Everyone is so great, the dynamic scenes between the actors are so well done, so well written, and so well directed.

The Dark Knight Rises is is emotionally riveting and amazing to view. At a running time of almost 3 hours, the film never becomes dull, which is pretty impressive.

The movie's action sequences are spectacularly well created and very intense. The dialogue between the character's are intelligent and highly believable.

The movie's soundtrack is terrific and really exemplify's many of the movie's scenes. Extremely well editing and sound use really develop many of the movie's action scenes, so it's not just explosions and visuals like in many other movies.

Nolan creates a grand, dirty, engrossing world, and his action sequences just hum. In conclusion, this film is a gorgeous reminder that great writing and direction can enhance any movie-going experience, even superhero movies, which are usually thought of as mindless entertainment.

I am wholly satisfied with Christopher Nolan's vision and thank all who worked on this film for bringing such an intricate interpretation of its very famous literary source.

I cannot recommend this film anymore than I have, I just have to say everyone and anyone should see it.

After watching Dark Knight Rises I concluded that if there is anybody who can make kick-ass sequels its Nolan. The film contains everything, from brilliant acting, raw action, out of the world one-liners and amazing cinematography.

It is already very hard to make a sequel for a film which was just good enough hit but to make a sequel for a film which will always be remembered as the best you have to do a very impeccable job and that is what is done in this movie.

From the beginning to the end you have some very beautiful and emotional scenes like the mob fight between the police and the thugs, the rise of the Batman from the prison and the chants "Deshi Deshi Basura Basura" towards the end where Alfred and Bruce see each other for probably the last time and both know that he has made it.

Maniac-9 19 January The Dark Knight Rises capped off what is probably the best comic book related trilogy of movies of all time.

Earlier in the series you had Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with this just being the perfect way to finish off the series.

Since the last movie it's been 7 years and Batman has been in seclusion since then. A new villain has emerged that being the menacing Bane played by the great Tom Hardy.

The movie has a running time of about 2 hours and 45 minutes but it doesn't seem like it at all, the movie flows like a 2 hour movie.

Bane is a more terrifying nemesis than the Joker. The soundtrack by Hans Zimmer was booming. An unforgettable end to the trilogy. Warner Brothers and DC Comics got this legendary costume-clad crime fighter trilogy 'right.

Nolan's "Batman" movies trod a thin line turning a vigilante into a hero and scrutinizing the morality of his behavior.

Essentially, Nolan rebooted the franchise, recreated Bruce Wayne and Batman as troubled alter-egos, and turned the good versus evil episodes of the earlier films into full-blown spectacles.

While sticking slavishly to the basics, he relied on his fertile imagination to give the characters greater depth and examine the issue of vigilantism.

Nolan's Caped Crusader movies don't rely on humor as much as slight, off-hand comments. The action unfolds swiftly, and the characters are clearly delineated before the end credits roll.

You prepare yourself for the surprises. The films replicate the haunted quality that Burton forged with his Michael Keaton forays, while Schumacher embraced a bright, heavily saturated, slightly surreal comic book quality.

Of course, the "Batman" graphic novels of Frank Miller have influenced Nolan. Christian Bale's part in the success of the trilogy is considerable.

Bale is to Batman the same way that Sean Connery was to Bond. Long-time British actor Michael Caine makes a superb Alfred Pennyworth, but Michael Gough was no slouch himself in the four previous "Batman" incarnations.

The ending to this trilogy capper is odd. Stepping into Nolan's shoes will pose a supreme challenge for whoever dares.

Nolan approached the "Batman" franchise with reverence, played the plots as close to straight as possible, and shunned clever one-liners.

Batman contends with two worthy opponents that played a part in his origins. The most obvious villain is Bane. A hulking brute of a man, he looks like a cross between of a wrestler and equivalent of a human pit bulldog.

Bane wears a contraption over his face that enables him to handle the pain of life. Basically, we never see British actor Tom Hardy's face because he conceals it with a mask.

Interestingly, this imbues Bane with a mystery. Furthermore, Bane speaks through this contraption and he sounds quite avuncular.

In other words, he doesn't sound as menacing as Darth Vader, but he doesn't mince words. Just as the Marvel people had trouble getting Hulk right, the DC people have experienced similar trouble getting Catwoman right.

Anne Hathaway makes the perfect Catwoman. Guests at Wayne Manor make remarks about the tragic figure skulking about on the balcony in the distance.

He is amazed when he catches a burglar in his side of the mansion. Moreover, she is a delectable burglar. She has cracked Wayne's safe and stolen his mother's pearls.

Since Gotham City is largely safe now, the authorities are not prepared when a gang assaults Wall Street and tries to plunge the economy in chaos.

Batman makes a triumphant return in top form with a new gadget that resembles a mini-helicopter. Initially, Batman has no trouble licking his adversaries.

Against the Catwoman, he seems vulnerable. She likes to let him down. When he confronts Bane, Batman's gauntleted fists exert no more effect on him than they would on a bag of cement.

He knows the truth about Harvey Dent, even if he doesn't know the identity of the Batman. If you missed either or both "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," you may find yourself in an expositional purgatory.

Bane batters him into submission. Nolan takes not only Gotham City to the limit, but also he takes audiences to the limit with an actioneer that clocks in at minutes.

GregoryPryor 18 July Christopher Nolan has outdone himself with this one. Just getting out of it, I've never been so awake.

Perhaps what set this film apart from his other films was that it had a genuine emotional heartbeat. I felt that this was a flaw of Nolan's other films - the vision of emotion was there, but it was hollow.

In this I bought it. I felt it, hero and villain alike. Christian Bale was typically brilliant as Batman, and I felt that Bruce Wayne was more heavily embraced in this final installment.

Bale added emotional depth to the character - a plot point that I think went astray in The Dark Knight - picking up from the development made in Batman Begins.

Tom Hardy as Bane was quite simply, terrifying. No longer a dunderhead "enforcer", but one of the criminal masterminds behind "Gotham's Reckoning", coupled with a physical dominance strong enough to send shivers down your spine.

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle defied my expectations. Hands up who was not entirely convinced that that girl from the Princess Diaries could handle an intensely physical role like Catwoman.

But here I am, hugely impressed. She added immeasurably to the value of the film. Marion Cotillard fulfilled the role of Miranda Tate admirably, though I suspect this was the most underdeveloped character of the film - though after watching, I can see why.

A heartfelt performance that helps drive the emotional content of the film, helping Nolan sell his most well-rounded film to date.

Caine's performance in both presence and absence. Special mention goes to Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is consistently proving himself to be a big player in the Hollywood game.

His role as officer Blake felt like there could've been more, but it may just have come all a bit much. It was a great performance, and Levitt sunk his teeth into role.

If you can, go see this in IMAX. I'm happy Nolan stuck to his guns and shot in 2D. I suppose at this point, I have to turn my focus on Nolan.

If he ever reads this It's a film that leaves me floundering, wondering what I could possibly do to get anywhere near this ballpark.

Well done. I think an Oscar Nomination is in order. From here, I'm not sure what to expect of the future.

Does our imagination carry us forward, or do the studios? Time will tell. The story takes places eight years after the events of the last film, eight years since Batman vanished into the night and assumed responsibility for the death of D.

Harvey Dent in the hopes that it would benefit the greater good. But when a new villain threatens to destroy Gotham City and cannot be stopped by law enforcement alone, Bruce Wayne is forced to adorn the black armor once again.

The film introduces several new characters: John Blake Joseph Gordon-Levitt , a young police officer whose loyalty lies in doing what is right and not blindly following his superiors.

Selina Kyle Anne Hathaway , a cat burglar working for Bane in hopes of obtaining a device that will erase a person's criminal history and giving her the chance to start a new life.

Miranda Tate Marion Cotillard , who encourages Bruce Wayne to rejoin the rest of the world and continue his father's philanthropic work. A new villain also enters the fray that is just as intelligent, resourceful and a better combatant than Batman even breaking Batman's back at one point, depicting a classic scene from the comic series — Bane Tom Hardy , a terrorist portraying himself as a liberator of the people.

Production staff really outdid themselves in making this film superb in every detail. In regards to the dramatic aspect, filming took place in several different cities across the world including New York, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, London and Jodhpur.

By amalgamating different cities, staff members helped to make his imagination of Gotham resemble the description of the city given in the comics.

Costume specialists helped to give Bain the appearance of a lucha libre masked wrestler , which coupled with his resourcefulness and intelligence helped to create the perfect villain.

The Dark Knight Rises takes place in an apocalyptic time with nuclear warfare threatening to destroy Gotham City. Cinematography experts helped to reinforce this doomsday ambiance by having Bane and his henchmen blow up all the bridges that lead out to the city, trapping the entire police force underground and unleashing the hooligans from the city jail in a scene that resembles the "Storming of the Bastille".

The federal government also abandons Gotham, leaving the people of Gotham to fight the battle on their own. Even scenes that do not take place in the city show the helplessness of the times.

When Bruce Wayne is imprisoned in foreign jail, Bane decides to "torture his soul" by having him watch the events unfold in Gotham on a television set while he is trapped in a virtually inescapable prison.

Director Christopher Nolan stated that this film would mark the end of his interpretation of the Batman trilogy. However, the end of the film leaves the viewer with a final surprise: John Blake's legal is revealed to be Robin John Blake, a reference to Batman's comic book sidekick, and inherits the Batcave after Batman's "demise".

This leaves the possibility open to an additional installment in the Batman franchise, and with the critical and financial success of the series, it may be a smart move for Warner Brother's to make copyright owner's to the series.

The film also leaves the viewers with a final message: a hero can be anyone. Whether it is placing a reassuring grasp on the shoulders friend, letting him know that things will get better, or helping a stranger on the side of the road who is having car troubles.

Nolan's final episode is an earnest attempt to give a deserving end to a much-loved series. With cool gadgets, fast-paced chase and fight scenes, complex characters, and a story line that will keep you on the edge of your seat, fans of the Batman series will not be disappointed.

It's a good movie but it could have been much better. So rather than discussing its merit, which are many, I am pointing out its shortcomings.

It's the weaker than other movies of trilogy and simple reason being it lacks strong characters. DKR is all about storytelling — just like Nolan's Inception but not as efficient.

Batman Begins was all about fear, doubt, self-realization and redemption where Bruce Wayne discovers his destiny as Batman. But Dark Knight Rises is all about story telling — efficient but not exceptional.

They are not so much part of the story itself but just the agents which move the story forward. Bane's character is dull and single dimensional and do not evoke any fear or awe.

He's meticulous, intelligent and strong and this is established quickly in movie but after that he slumps into a just another movie villain.

Only new character which had some shades was that of Selina Kyle and Anne Hathaway did justice to it. Add to that helplessness of Alfred portrayed superbly by Caine.

Other actors are good but there's not much for them to do. Even the theme of "Occupy Wallstreet" is very weak and at best it's closer to London riots with its loot and arsoning.

There's even perfect order in Bane's revolution. Movie moves effortlessly from one plot to another and to climax that it become at times predictable.

But maybe Dark Knight Rises was supposed to be like that only and Nolan had too much to deal with in 2.

And maybe that's the main problem with DKR — too much is going on in the story that it seems crammed at times. And when there are too many characters and so many story arcs and it's tough to do justice to characters and story telling at the same time.

And this is when you start looking for plot holes, slackness, predictability et al. And there' no point of comparing different styles, say that of Starwars, Godfather, Transformers or story tellers say Tarantino, Cameron etc.

Try to recall some good movies and think what you like the most. Dark Knight Rises have a good story but lacks strong characters and relies Inception's style which incidentally differs from style of first two installments of Batman Trilogy.

And for me, soul of Nolan's Batman Series is its strong characters, their underlying emotions and a theme which is much deeper and meaningful than all fight, gadgetry and style.

And this is where DKR fails. I had the honor of watching TDKR during a screening and was completely blown away! Christopher Nolan's third film in his Batman trilogy doesn't disappoint.

Hathaway has a lovely line when some boorish male presumes to sneer at her fantastic high heels. But the film is clotted and extended with tiring and sometimes baffling subplots concerning the frankly uninteresting shenanigans of the Wayne Enterprises Board: there is some manoeuvring and personal petitioning from one Miranda Tate, played by Marion Cotillard, who shows herself in later sequences to be not a natural action performer.

And I have to say I found Bane disappointing: his character promised much, but didn't quite deliver.

The Joker's conflict with Batman was at least partly a cerebral affair, a matter of outsmarting and counter-outsmarting, and Bale raised his game in confrontation with Heath Ledger, who gave us a genuinely evil movie villain.

Christian Bale is good in this film, too, of course — arguably more interesting in some ways. But there is simply no satisfying duel with Bane, and it seems to be ultimately more physical, a shuddering, juddering sumo-contest amid a panoply of CGI detonations.

The Dark Knight Rises certainly confirms the weapons that Christopher Nolan can wield as a director: this is a big, brash, plausible movie on a self-consciously epic scale, a deafening superhero Bayreuth, taking place in a gloomy, almost physical smog of testosterone.

It will certainly be a commercial smash, and you have to admire the confidence with which Christopher Nolan insists on the seriousness of the Batman mythology; he has thoroughly reinvented it, reauthored it and thought it through, in a way no other director has done with any other summer franchise.

But I wish there was more yin and yang in the movie, rather than yin and more yin. Action and adventure films. Much like the previous two entries, The Dark Knight Rises takes great care to establish emotional ties to the characters and to communicate the true nature of the conflict.

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Einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Der maskierte Terrorist hat den Plan Gotham zu zerstören. Die Blu-ray Nostalgia Casino darf sich sehen lassen. Juli Die Blu-ray ist in den dunkleren Cinemascope-Szenen durchaus deutlich rotorange. Top Reviews-Index Home. Which is great - and precisely what Crazy Monkey film does - but at the cost of telling a pretty crammed story which arguably could Swiss Games done with more time to be fully developed Knightfall is a film all of its own, and Deutsche Pokal Ergebnisse post-Knightfall 'rise' lessens the impact when it comes so swiftly afterwards. When Bruce Hsv Gegen Stuttgart 2017 is imprisoned in foreign jail, Bane decides to "torture his soul" by having him watch the events unfold in Gotham on a television set while he is trapped in a virtually inescapable prison. The screenplay is penned to allow the impact of what has happened to Gotham and its people in "The Dark Knight" and what could happen if something goes wrong now. Production staff really outdid themselves in making this film superb in every detail. It worked great in The Dark Knight, since the Joker was essentially creating chaos, not direct annihilation of a city, but in this film it is totally out of context. The acting was excellent, consistently to the previous movies. May 01, Nebenbei ein begeisterter Weltenbummler, Sportler und Serien-Liebhaber. Nolan hat Munster Casino Batman ein würdiges Ende gefunden, das nicht fulminanter, Weltmeister Alle und gefühlvoller hätte sein können, dabei ist es Nolan noch gelungen den Übergang für einen neuen Helden zu schaffen, denn Batman ist letzen Endes nur ein Symbol, eine Idee und nicht eine einzelne Person, denn die können sterben. Mit etwas Abstand zum Kinostart seinerzeit kann man The Dark Knight Rises auch durchaus attestieren, dass er genau das geschafft hat. Erneut sind es diese Momente, die qualitativ besser dastehen und in Sachen Kontrastierung und Farbauflösung. Blu-ray Screenshots:. Skip to content blu-ray-rezensionen. Die funktioniert über eine Smartphone-App, die parallel zum Film aktiviert und gestartet werden muss. Batman hatte damals die Schuld für die Roulette Games von Dents Alter Ego Permainan Arcade auf sich genommen, um die Hoffnung, die mit Dent und seiner Verbrechensbekämpfung einherging, nicht zu zerstören. Comdirect Girokonto Kosten eine Antwort Antworten abbrechen. Das Szenario des Films wirkt noch düsterer als in den beiden Vorgängern. Login Registrieren. Der schwarz bemantelte Gerechtigkeits-Kämpfer hat sich seitdem konsequenterweise nicht mehr blicken lassen — ebenso wie sein Alter Ego: Bruce Wayne.

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